Cooking times and instructions for plates

For cooking on a griddle in your home oven.

- Wash your plate with water and detergent, wipe it dry. Lubricate the plate with a little oil before first use.

- The basic recipes are based on a convection oven. An oven with only top and bottom heat (not convection) also works well, but then a smaller amount of food should be cooked at a time for best results.

- For even cooking, place your tray on the oven rack so that the heat spreads evenly.

- The trays can always be used at room temperature, but depending on the power of your oven when roasting meat or fish, for example, the trays can be preheated for results with more cooking surface.

- Always spread the ingredients evenly over the plate.

- Roasting and grilling times are adapted to each ingredient so that the meat, fish and whatever else you want to cook with the plate will be both healthy and delicious. You can add your own accompaniments - salads, sauces, spices, potatoes, couscous - the sky's the limit.

- Feel free to dry the ingredients with paper towels before cooking on the tray. The exception is frozen items such as pizza and hamburgers.

- If the quantity is greater than that indicated in the recipes, the cooking time needs to be increased.

-Wash your tray between uses to prevent food residues from burning into the coating. Do not run the sheet in the oven more than one hour above 200°c at a time, for the same reason.