We are working to make our products circular and more climate-friendly. We strive to turn waste into new resources. And we are convinced that a circular business model is the way forward.

A vision of high quality kitchen utensils together with a clear commitment to sustainability and recycling became the start of ONEPan AB, which presented a frying pan that is part of a circular return system in autumn 2020. We use reuse, "upcycling" and recycling to reduce our carbon footprint. It makes no sense that so much material is thrown away and ends up in the garbage.

We should be curious and creative, and work carefully to recycle and reuse materials and products that are normally thrown away.

Tareq Taylor

Tareq Taylor is one of Sweden's most prominent and sought-after chefs.

Tareq has had one of Malmö's most famous cafés - Slottsträdgårdens kafé and before that Trappa ner. Today he runs his own restaurant Kockeriet in Malmö. Tareq has committed himself to an issue that is close to his heart, getting better food to people through Maten é klar. In the kitchen in Lund, ready meals are prepared to provide a higher dining experience with food cooked from scratch using 100% natural ingredients.

Tareq Taylor is one of Sweden's most prominent chefs. He has been seen in popular TV shows such as Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery and in 2021 won two awards at the Kristallen gala, including TV personality of the year. Tareq won Kockarnas Kamp in 2017 and was awarded Best Malmö Ambassador the same year. Tareq Taylor has written many cookbooks and gives popular lectures.

Tareq has a passion for cooking, ecology and farming. With his knowledge, humour and charisma, he has reached into people's hearts and brought new life to the art of cooking.