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Our non-stick, PFAS-free frying pan is part of a circular economy - created for more than one life. When the coating on your frying pan wears off, order another freshly painted pan and return the one you have to us. Your old one will be restored to new condition and put back into use. Over and over again.

Join the movement - buy the world's first circular frying pan today.

    • Recycled aluminium
    • Circular return system
    • Win-win economy

Premium quality. Handmade. Produced in Sweden.

For all heat sources. Not micro. Oven safe up to 300c/575f

Care instructions
Avoid rapid cooling of your hot frying pan - always allow it to cool before adding cold liquid or rinsing it and starting to wash up. Otherwise you risk the pan banging due to the rapid temperature changes.

ONEPan is easy to clean thanks to its coated surface that protects food from burning. Like a stainless steel pan, a coated pan can be washed in the dishwasher, but the best results are obtained by hand washing with hot water and ordinary detergent. ONEPan can be used with all types of utensils, but wood, silicone or plastic utensils for frying and cleaning are gentler on the coating. Please wipe it dry immediately after cleaning.

General advice
Did you burn your food in the pan? It's easy to do and easy to clean. Once the pan has cooled, pour water into it to cover the burnt-on food and then heat it on the stove and the burnt-on food will come off. Have you cooked a raw material that has left a lot of fat behind? Scrape it out of the frying pan with paper towels before washing it, and it will be easier to clean and kinder to the environment.

Diameter: 28 cm
Height: 6 cm

Recycled aluminium. Stainless steel

Exceptional performance and functionality. Ergonomic design

Non-stick coating with ceramic coating. Produced entirely without PFAS substances. Tested and compliant with FDA and EU food contact regulations.

Has your frying pan become worn? We'll change the coating when you need it and you'll get a pan in perfect condition for you.
All coated cookware gets worn out sooner or later. You can easily order a re-coating/painting by clicking in and purchasing the product "Recycle ONEPan" here. Then you will get a pan in mint condition sent to you. You put your worn out pan in the box and return it to us.

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ONEPan 28

ONEPan 28

1 595 kr