OneForm Re-Coat

Today, most coated kitchenware is bought, used and thrown away once the very top layer is worn out. This means that we dispose of a huge amount of useful material, like aluminium and stainless steel. We've innovated products that are tough enough to tolerate a re-coating process - so that all material except the coating can be restored to new again. The old coating is of course recycled too.

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325 x 354 mm

Oven frying technique


Dishwasher safe

Metal utensil friendly


Worn out kitchenware is flooding landfills the world over. Our products are crafted from recycled aluminium and designed to be re-coated with our sustainable, PFAS-free non-stick coating. So when they reach the end of their life, they can begin a whole new one.

Already have it and want to recoat it ?


Add ‘Re-Coat’ for your product to the basket. At checkout, enter the serial number of your original OnePan (can be found on a card inside the box,or on your registration email).


Within 4-5 days, you’ll receive a shiny, re-coated OnePan or OneTray in the post.


Use the same box to post your old OnePan back to us within 10 days and we’ll work our magic to make it as good as new, ready for the next owner.

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