With unique, patented technology that fries food from underneath and bakes from above in the oven, our recycled aluminium two-in-one OneTray will transform the way you prepare food, cutting cooking times and preserving the texture and flavour of ingredients – think juicy chicken breast, perfectly charred veggies and succulent salmon. And if you turn your OneTray round to the shiny side, you’ve got a ready-made pizza tray, perfect for crispy bottoms and evenly melted toppings.

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Small: 325 x 177 x 9 mm

Grill patterns in the oven

No added PFAS & Re-coatable

Large: 325 x 354 x 9 mm

Halve your cooking time

Dishwasher safe

Worn out kitchenware is flooding landfills the world over. Our products are crafted from recycled aluminium and designed to be re-coated with our sustainable, non-stick coating without added PFAS. So when they reach the end of their life, they can begin a whole new one.

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